Our story
  1. 1868

    History of the mill

    The roots of the mill in Boršov nad Vltavou date back to 1868. Hynek Zátka buys the mill in Březí from Josef II Schwanzenbergský and it burns down in the same year. However, Hynek Zátka is insured and the money paid by the insurance company enables him to rebuild the mill completely anew and equip it internally with the most modern technology. The first ever American-style mill based on grinding roller technology is being built in southern Bohemia. This technology is still used by the milling industry today.

  2. 1884

    The Zátka Brothers are born

    The history of the company of the Zátek brothers dates back to 1884, when the brothers Vlastimil and Dobroslav Zátek started the first dough factory in Austria-Hungary in Boršov nad Vltavou. In the early days, it was necessary to convince housewives who were used to preparing their own homemade pasta that industrially produced pasta was of at least the same quality.

  3. 1915

    World War I

    It was not enough that in 1915 a world war was raging. The whole mill in Březí had to be burnt to the ground that year. And that was the second time. Only the living quarters, stables, the engine room and the part of the factory where pasta production took place were saved. According to the original plans, the mill was to be rebuilt after the end of the war, but Dobroslav Zátka decided not to wait and in 1916 the construction of a new mill was completed.

  4. 1939–1945

    World War 2

    During the Second World War, the Germans confiscated all the property of the Zátek family. Food production was suspended and replaced by military production. The original owners were not allowed to return to the ruined mill until after 1945. Although only for a very short time.

  5. 1948–1968


    In 1948, the company was nationalized and incorporated into a state enterprise under the name Mills and Pastry Mills, s.p., plant 2 Březí” and became the centre of the South Bohemian mill and pastry industry. Until 1989, despite the limited development of the technical base, the quality of production was maintained and the mill and dough factory continued to be among the best in the country.

  6. 1968

    Reconstruction of the mill

    In 1968, the Březí mill was modernised and operated under the name of Mlýny a těstárny n.p. Pardubice. All the mill’s equipment is being upgraded and the total value of the investment amounts to more than CZK 12 million.

  7. 1989

    Zátka's flour still at the top

    In the following years until 1989, despite the limited development of the technical base, the quality of production was maintained and the mill and dough factory continued to be among the best in the country.

  8. 1991

    Return of the factory back to Zátka family

    The factory (a former state enterprise) was returned to the Zátek family only in 1991 under an economic lease. The family and the management permanently acquired it by direct sale on 1 January 1994. At this time, technological modernisation was carried out and Italian high-temperature lines for the production of short and long pasta, controlled by computer, were put into operation. In addition to the industrial investments, the traditional brands Zátka’s pasta and Zátka’s flour were renewed.

  9. 2000

    Change of owner

    In 2000, the descendants of the Zátek family sold their shares together with the management to a new shareholder, Europasta B.V.

  10. 2002

    Reconstruction of grain cleaning

    Reconstruction of grain reception and cleaning

  11. 2006

    Complete reconstruction of the mill

    Complete reconstruction of the mill

  12. 2008

    New mixing plant

    Dispatch hoppers and mill mixing room

  13. 2008

    Purchase of a grain silo

    Purchase of a grain silo

  14. 2022

    New flour packaging and feed dispatch

    New flour packaging and feed dispatch