We carefully select the grain that is the basis of our products. We buy it only from the Czech nature and only from proven suppliers. Each batch is subjected to a thorough input check in our in-house laboratory before it is accepted and according to the result we classify it into the appropriate quality groups. From these, we then compile the intent so that all the requirements of current legislation and our customers are met. We make sure that the quality of all our products is uniform and does not fluctuate.

Further laboratory checks are carried out during production and subsequently before the products are released to our customers. For these checks we use not only our specially equipped in-house laboratories, but also external, certified laboratories.

The resulting quality of our products in consumer packaging has been awarded the prestigious Klasa label, which is awarded to the most honest and highest quality products.

However, we ensure the quality of our products not only by purchasing quality raw materials, but also by modern technological equipment, high level of process hygiene and mutual cooperation of all our employees.

As a result, we are certified to the international IFS quality standard in the area of food production and to the international GMP+ standard in the area of feed production.